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Matt Goss: Singer Always Gives His Best

FOR MORE THAN THREE YEARS, British singer Matt Goss has been playing Cleopatra’s Barge in Caesars Palace with such swagger that the famous room—where Sinatra had been known to stop in for a scotch and a song— since has been redubbed The Gossy Room. But Goss has more than swagger and a stylish fedora going…


Julie Murray: Making a Difference

WHEN I FIRST HEAR JULIE Murray’s voice as she answers with a hello, greeting me like the oldest of friends, I instantly am awash in a sense of wellbeing. I feel safe. She cannot know my worries; the big and small things that allow stress to injure my day, but somehow it seems that she…


Flo Rogers: The Face of Nevada Public Radio

FOR LISTENERS OF NEVADA PUBLIC RADIO, you’ve likely heard her voice. And although these days she appears on air only during membership campaigns, the cadence of Flo Rogers’ British accent is as distinct as her enthusiasm for sustaining and growing the local programming efforts of public radio in Southern Nevada. As president and general manager…


Discovery Children’s Museum: Age of Discovery

THIRTY YEARS AGO, philanthropist Barbara Molasky tri-chaired a fundraiser at the then-brand-new Boulevard Mall on Maryland Parkway. Leaders of the community gathered to raise money for an unusual concept at that time. As other cities struggled to nurture civil engagement, Molasky and her friends had an idea. The concept was the construction of a children’s…


Audra Baldwin: Poetry of the Senses

FOR AUDRA H. BALDWIN, LIFE in Las Vegas has been poetry of the senses in more ways than one. In Las Vegas Audra met her husband and best friend, Bobby Baldwin, who is president and chief executive officer of CityCenter and chief design and construction officer of MGM Resorts International. It was Bobby who introduced…


Michael Yackira: Commitment to Community

HAVING GROWN UP IN THE BRONX, in a neighborhood just behind Yankee Stadium, Michael Yackira’s first job was selling popcorn and peanuts at baseball games. He’s long since hit it out of the park. Today, he’s the head of NV Energy (which, it was announced on May 29th, as we were headed to press will…