Ivan Sher: Raising Funds for the Lou Ruvo Center

Stepping into a spectacular and breathtaking architectural home at 7 Falcon View Court is a reminder of the greatness one can achieve from success. It was indeed the perfect setting for Ivan Sher and his business partner, Florence Shapiro, of Shapiro & Sher Group to host a dinner party at one of their client’s dramatic homes to benefit the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. The center provides clinical care to patients, offers support to caregivers and conducts clinical trials to discover the next generation of therapies. The evening gathering of approximately 30 guests included Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, director, and Dr. Kate Zhong, senior director of clinical research and development, both from the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

Inspired by the elegant beauty of the home and the intimate company of those who embraced the cause, Cummings says, “Our successes are made possible through brain health, and Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center is very aggressively pursuing a new brain health initiative for people to take better care of their brains and to lower their risk for diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.”

Sher hosts charity dinner parties throughout the year in hopes of continuing his efforts to expose the community to ways in which it can give to and support the center in Las Vegas. And, while he admits that he is already familiar with the clinic’s great offerings, he is still emotionally affected each time he hears about it.

“I was deeply moved by what my partner, Florence, said that night,” says Sher, referring to Shapiro’s account of the loss of her husband to Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. “She explained how the experience was so personal and hands-on and that, during that very difficult time, it was an amazing experience. Her account was so real and so personal.”

The dinner was catered by Vintner’s Grill, and allowed people to mingle and take in the architecture, but Sher says that donations are always optional at their events. The main purpose of the dinners really is to share the goodness that these organizations do for people.

Cummings says that while the clinic holds large galas that attract celebrities and draws a lot of attention, smaller gatherings, such as Sher’s dinners, are just as effective in sharing its message.

“This was an intimate setting that allowed for a lot of conversation,” says Cummings. “We are extremely grateful to Ivan and Florence for their support.”