John & Danika Barry: The Greater Good

Originally from Southern California, Danika and John Barry have called Las Vegas their home since 2007. John, together with his father and sister, own a family business, Kevin Barry Fine Art Associates. With locations in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Las Vegas, the company offers full-service fine art consulting for art, design and architectural communities, both domestically and internationally.

“Having a family business, it’s always important to give back to the community that helps provide you with the opportunity to do business,” says John.

While the business is thriving, so is their family life, and they believe that it’s never too early to teach their two children about giving back to the community. The couple strive to remind them at their tender age how lucky they really are.

“For example, when we take them to Magical Forest, we let them know that these funds are helping out other people through Opportunity Village,” says John.

While the Barrys don’t have a particular charity that they focus on, they believe that the best way to learn about the various charities is to participate in a variety of functions. They’ve been part of Dinner in the Dark to benefit The Blind Cafe, which John remembers was an “eye-opening experience” as they ate their meal while blindfolded.

“The experience was discovering how difficult that one task of eating is physically, but also realizing emotionally how very uninvolved you feel in a dinner setting,” says John.

They were also part of a dinner benefit for The Torino Foundation, as well as an event that John hosted in his Las Vegas gallery to benefit Project Imagine, a healing arts program designed to help children who have been hospitalized or undergoing treatment.

“We wish we can always give more and, sometimes, financially, it is not the easiest — but even time and energy is valuable to help the greater good of the community,” says John.

But, most of all, they believe that teaching children early on about the idea and importance of giving is the key to providing them with a bright and fulfilling future.

“Our kids are still young, but they are starting to understand that they can help people,” says Danika. “Our daughter puts gift packages together for children in need. Just doing something small like that — actually picking out the toys — gets her excited and more involved.”