Beli Andaluz: Beyond the Salon

It was only a short time ago when Beli Andaluz, owner of the elite salon Pico Madama, was encouraged by her husband, Scott Seidewitz, to share her passion and energy beyond the salon chair. Little did he know that she would have another “seat” within one year, with the appointment of second vice chair of The Shade Tree organization.

This comes as no surprise. Andaluz, who is originally from Guatemala, truly considers Las Vegas her home. Dedicated to her husband, son and thriving Las Vegas business, she possesses natural qualities that help her to be active in the community.

Andaluz says that the nature of her business allows for conversations. This has proven to be a great platform where she can talk about her involvement with the organization that helps provide shelter for women, children and pets that are victims of domestic abuse.

“It’s amazing how just spreading the word can help,” says Andaluz. Beyond talking about the charity she quickly has become so fond of, her involvement is deep, and her contributions are far-reaching. She thinks this passion stems from never forgetting from where she came.

“I left my home very early and made a life for myself, but I still remember how poor we were and how we moved around,” says Andaluz. “Now I can help. I not only have the means, but I have the energy to do something about it.”

Shortly after she was introduced to The Shade Tree, she became energized by her new crusade and together, with her husband, decided to rent out the Vintner Grill restaurant for an evening to host The Shade Tree’s 25th anniversary celebration. They invited over 100 guests and raised more than $55,000 in one night.

Andaluz’s mission is to keep moving forward to help the organization she finds so dear to her.

“Being involved is very engaging. I feel that I can learn, and at the same time, help a lot of people.”