Eamon Springall: Stitched for Success

STEPPING INTO THE CELEBRATED men’s boutique STITCHED Lifestyle inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, one might not see beyond the fabric that owner Eamon Springall had a less than desirable start while growing up. Raised well by his single father and having a natural, self-driven motivation, however, launched Springall to the top in what he calls his “janitor-to-owner story.”

In addition to STITCHED, today Springall owns several businesses, including Orgill/Singer & Associates, one of Nevada’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firms. It is here where the young Springall got his start — with guidance from his father, and Founder Bob Orgill — when he was given the opportunity to clean the company’s business offices on a weekly basis. As he matured, his responsibilities grew, and through inspiring mentorship provided by the company’s partners, he learned about business relationships and entrepreneurship.

The rest is history, but Springall continued to think about the future of young individuals in the community and realized firsthand that mentorship has the ability to change the life of an individual. Since the opening of his boutique haberdashery in 2010, his general manager Ricci Lopez, a Bishop Gorman High School alumni, impressed upon him the school’s reputation, and soon Springall became inspired by the idea of sponsoring a local student to attend Gorman for all four years of high school.

“How great would it be, if I could take a kid of similar circumstances (as me) — by using my success in this town, a city that I’m very passionate about, a city that’s given me so much — and give him that opportunity?” says Springall. “Growing up, I knew about Bishop Gorman, but it was something that was out of my family’s reach, and never part of my life.”

Looking at his current successes, Springall stands firm on the belief that “success without giving back is failure.” So he developed a scholarship program that would support a local athletic and academic star. Springall did the research and eventually identified the first scholarship recipient from his own 501c3 club baseball organization – LV Rebels Baseball.

“His name is Karsonne Winters. He plays baseball & football, and he is such a special young man,” says Springall. “When he tested into Gorman, he academically tested at fourth-quarter junior level – almost a senior. He’s so talented.”

In addition to sponsoring Winters’s high school education, he is offering him what he calls a “STITCHEDternship.” Through this program, Winters will be working at STITCHED a minimum of 50 hours as a paid intern during the next four years. He will be learning everything from purchasing and displaying, to measuring customers and more. But most of all, he will learn about developing entrepreneurial skills.

Springall is confident that Winters will take these opportunities far and already sees his ambition to be recognizable.

“For his 8th-grade dance, he didn’t want to do a black tux,” says Springall, “he wanted to stand out in a crowd with STITCHED polka dot pants and polka dots on the collar of his tuxedo jacket. Love this kid!”