Ivan Sher: The Magic of Giving

IVAN SHER, TOGETHER with his business partner Florence Shapiro of Shapiro & Sher Group, have become the benchmark for expertise in the luxury real estate industry in Las Vegas. The secret of their success is driven from their love for people. Sher, a native of South Africa, says that his connection with people extends further into his love for the Las Vegas community.

This is evident in his ongoing support of local non-profit organizations such as Opportunity Village, The Shade Tree, and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, among others. He explains how tying with the fabric of the community allows him to share the positive things that each organization does to make Las Vegas a better place.

“We want to show successes in Las Vegas – not just in business, but successes in life – such as organizations who have done extraordinary things to help people,” says Sher.

Opportunity Village is one organization that sparked inspiration in Sher’s life. His sister-in-law, Missy, is a client or “OVIP” of the organization, that serves more than 1,700 men and women with intellectual disabilities on a daily basis by providing them with the chance to lead a fulfilling life.

“She’s such a special part of our lives,” says Sher. “When you meet a special needs person, you connect on a level that is so real.” Personal connections like this inspire him to give back by spreading the word.

Together with his business partner, Florence Shapiro, they host dinner gatherings comprised of 25-30 people at beautiful homes that they represent. Remembering the last event he hosted for Opportunity Village he says, “It’s a wonderful night, there’s a lot of emotion involved.”

Donations are optional, but raising money is optimal. Furthermore, if an organization leaves with new supporters, they feel they’ve accomplished the ultimate goal. “At the last dinner gathering, Opportunity Village left with new clients – people who wanted to tour the facility. That’s magical,” he says.

Sher says that giving back and connecting with the community completes his life, and realizes he and others have the option to do nothing.

“But, I think that people will intuitively find that when you take your eyes off of yourself and help somebody else, it feels right and what might have been an empty space is now filled. It’s a transformation.”