assemblageSTUDIO & Eric Strain, AIA

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY presents a new set of challenges for practitioners of architecture. Integrated design and fabrication is transforming the way buildings are made. We are called upon for solutions that consider the effects of climate change, the trend toward urban migration, and the urgent need for housing. assemblageSTUDIO is addressing these challenges by creating authentic responses to the Mojave Desert while enhancing the urban fabric through connections within Downtown.

assemblageSTUDIO was founded in 1997 to create site-specific projects that relate to their surrounding environments. Southern Nevada has been the canvas where we have fused design and sustainability in the development of spaces appropriate for life and work in the desert. At the same time, we strive to impart a unique character to each project that strengthens sense of place and identity. Our projects for UNLV and the City of Mesquite are prime examples of our success in site-specific integrated design with a fresh, innovative sensitivity to form, scale, and material.


Our team is energized by a mutual respect for each other’s talents and the knowledge that true collaboration is a core value. We are committed to limiting the number of projects in development so we can be hands on in every phase. We are equally committed to accepting projects that have an express mandate to enrich a community’s quality of life.

Our work is deeply informed by the art and culture of Southern Nevada. Over the years we have sponsored art exhibitions, architecture/art tours, and symposia for the purpose of stimulating creative discussion and ideas. Principal Eric Strain, AIA, has curated art and architecture exhibitions throughout the Valley as well as art programs for children at NICA and the Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Development Center.

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assemblageSTUDIO has won over 50 Awards of Design Excellence. Sixty percent of our built projects have received Awards of Design Excellence, an unmatched achievement in the state. We will continue to seek out projects that showcase our ability to create an authentic sense of place rooted in our local history and natural environment. The canvas is vast and we are steadfast in our aspiration to contribute to our community.