smallTALK Is a Cause

Dear fellow Southern Nevadans,

In recent years my professional focus has been cause marketing—in particular, helping local nonprofits by providing custom public relations services free of charge. Most nonprofits in our communities have limited marketing budgets. I have chosen to apply my proven marketing and public relations skills to help nonprofits foster improvements in human and environmental well-being while providing tangible benefits to financial supporters.


The community showed amazing support for our first project, diamondcake magazine—and we raised significant amounts of money for participating nonprofits. Now with smallTALK, we have a bigger, better, best-marketing-practices platform that I believe will help us make an even bigger difference in people’s lives.


We’re inviting everyone to join in—nonprofits that need marketing help, freelance writers and photographers, corporate sponsors, media partners, editorial advisors, and investors. In the meantime, please enjoy reading and remember that just sharing our stories will go a long way toward helping us help others.

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Jimmy Foster
Founder, smallTALK