By Jarret Keene

Jarret Keene’s books include The Underground Guide to Las Vegas, an unauthorized rock bio of The Killers and Las Vegas Noir. His primitive nuclear doom metal band Dead Neon terrorizes Sin City dive bars. He is a regular contributor to Vegas Seven and Desert Companion magazines, and lives in the heart of downtown with his wife and two young sons. For this issue, he profiled El Cortez executive vice-president and downtown renaissance woman Alexandra Epstein.


Diana Bennett & Kris Engelstad-McGarry Continue Philanthropic Legacies

SAY THE NAME THREE SQUARE to someone and, chances are, he or she knows of the Southern Nevada food bank and its growing impact on hungry families in Las Vegas. With a threefold mission of warehousing, securing unused food and distributing ready-to-eat meals, the nonprofit enjoys favored status among charitable givers. While Three Square’s profile…


Downtown Dreams

WHEN BRETT SPERRY UNVEILED BRETT Wesley Gallery on the corner of East Charleston and Casino Center Boulevards in September 2009, his endeavor raised eyebrows. The economy had downturned and businesses and existing galleries in the Arts District were in danger of closing. Yet this former video game developer builds a 4,800-square-foot art gallery while surrounding…


Jesse Waits, Into the Life

NIGHTLIFE MOGUL JESSE WAITS NEVER sits down in XS, the $90-million club he co-owns and manages inside Encore Las Vegas. At least not for the three hours I end up shadowing him on a Friday night when 7,000 people pack the club. Waits is constantly in motion, checking his BlackBerry, responding to messages regarding every…


Jeffrey Cummings & Kate Zhong: Doctors on the Front Lines of Brain Disease Research and Treatment

A DECEMBER-EVENING COCKTAIL MIXER inside the beautiful Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in downtown Las Vegas brings together doctors from the Southern Nevada medical community. The Frank Gehry-designed structure (along with World Market Center and the soon-to-be-unveiled Smith Center for the Performing Arts) infuses Las Vegas’ urban core with scientific, intellectual and…