By Chris Carney

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Chris Carney has worked for over a decade as both a freelance writer and as a producer and development executive for Secret Legion Productions. He is currently the Las Vegas Guide for at, has written extensively for Las Vegas Magazine and been a featured contributor to Nevada Magazine, Hard Rock Hotel Magazine and AOL Travel. Visit to see more of his work.


Julie Murray: Making a Difference

WHEN I FIRST HEAR JULIE Murray’s voice as she answers with a hello, greeting me like the oldest of friends, I instantly am awash in a sense of wellbeing. I feel safe. She cannot know my worries; the big and small things that allow stress to injure my day, but somehow it seems that she…


See Your Way to Help

THE GENEROUS MEN AND WOMEN who run charitable organizations cite one problem that most dominates their waking hours and interrupts their dreams, and it probably isn’t the one you think. It is true that financing their endeavors ranks high among their worries, which is why you’ll see so many chief executive officers and financial gurus…


Local Organization Raises Funds to Help the Sick

LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS FAIR. As adults, we accept this bitter truth. We have lived our lives through loss and triumph. Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, can trace our current circumstances to past actions. In many ways, we have made the life we are living. Random chance and misfortune may enter our…